CIO Symposium Contributor



Chester Liu, SB ‘91, SM ‘92, MBA ‘09

Symposium Roles

Marketing Team Member 2015


Chester lives and breathes data. Actually, not just data, but the expression of it in beautiful design and actionable insight.

At Qlik Technologies, he evangelized the power of QlikView's associative data engine which allows everyday business users to not just look at static reports, but to explore and ask their own questions just by clicking and bringing beautiful visualizations to life.

At RSA Security, he helped customers understand the importance of data loss prevention and bringing transparency to governance, risk, and compliance processes.

And at Weather Services International, his beautiful, photo-realistic weather visualizations were literally viewed by millions of Americans every day on their television.

Data drives business and people's lives. Chester seeks out innovative, agile companies that are looking to massively disrupt traditional business models and processes with fresh, data-driven approaches.