Panel Information

Panel Name:

Big Data and Analytics

Event Time:
1:45PM - 2:45PM
Hardy, Quentin - Moderator
James Noga, Partners HealthCare
Michael Chui, McKinsey & Company (@mchui)
Prof. Tom Davenport, MIT Center for Digital Business (@tdav)
Shah, Shvetank
Panel Description:

Today, organizations are awash in Big Data. Big Data is mammoth and complex. That poses a number of challenges related to this complexity such as: How do you define data management strategies? Why does extracting value from Big Data remain elusive for many organizations? How do you balance data usability demands with security and scalability needs and requirements? But on the brighter side, Big Data presents immense opportunities: opportunity to innovate, to evolve, to increase productivity smartly.

This distinguished panel will discuss various ways that companies can derive lasting value by embracing the vast amount of data being generated and using cutting edge analytical tools to turn this data into insightful, intelligent, actionable information to develop new products, to design new services, and most importantly to orchestrate fresh business models.