Panel Information

Panel Name:

Navigating through the Healthcare Transformation

Event Location:
Kresge Little Theater
Event Time:
3:15PM - 4:15PM
Sreedhar Potarazu - Moderator
Catherine Bruno, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems
Chuck Podesta
Joe Alea, Curaspan Health Group
Sue Schade
Panel Description:

The Healthcare Industry in the United States is going through a rapid transformational change from a highly localized Healthcare System to a highly distributed and untethered Healthcare ecosystem across Providers, Payors and Patients. CIOs are under pressure to vision and implement IT frameworks that provide integrated quality healthcare at lower costs and yet profitable to their shareholders.

To address these challenges, Healthcare CIOs need to provide innovative leadership; craft signature business and clinical collaborative processes to enable personalized healthcare ecosystem; master change management; build innovative skilled teams and revolutionize the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to a true embedded evidence based clinical solution optimized for quality and healthcare value-chain economics.

In this panel, leading Healthcare CIOs will discuss their experience in navigating through this historic transformation in their organizations.