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David Rose


Ditto Labs

Symposium Roles

Speaker/Panelist 2015


Over the last two decades, David Rose has serially founded and led game-changing technology companies.

As CEO of the Interactive Factory, David worked with a brilliant team of designers and programmers to develop museum exhibits and interactive toys. Along with Ditto co-founder Neil Mayle, David invented on-line photo sharing, selling Opholio and its seminal patents to FlashPoint. Under his leadership at Ambient Devices, David launched a product line of wireless glanceable displays which pioneered a new category of consumer electronics. David also founded Vitality (along with Ditto co-founder Josh Wachman) which solved the multi-billion dollar adherence problem for pharmaceutical giants such as Bayer and Novartis.

A visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab, and author of the upcoming book Enchanted Objects, David is in demand for his inspiring presentations at conferences like TEDx, South by Southwest, The Institute for the Future, and Fortune 500 corporations.

After receiving his bachelor’s degrees in physics and fine art from St. Olaf College, David earned a master’s at Harvard.