CIO Symposium Contributor


Douglas Menefee

Cloud CIO Advisor

Amazon Web Services

Symposium Roles

Speaker/Panelist 2014


Douglas Menefee is a nationally recognized leader and innovator in technology with more than 20 years of combined experience in entrepreneurism and information technology. He has held executive-level positions with Schumacher Group, The Graham Group, and his own startup Planet Symphony. Mr. Menefee is now with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the company’s Cloud CIO Advisor.
While working as Schumacher Group’s CIO, Mr. Menefee led multiple enterprise transformation and technology enablement initiatives in support of the healthcare company’s 25% annual growth objectives. The initiatives routinely leveraged cloud based services as a critical component of the company’s enterprise architecture, ultimately taking the company from completely on-premise to 90% cloud infrastructure. He’s received multiple accolades and awards in recognition of his leadership and foresight, including Technology Review’s “Top 100 Technology Innovators,” and developed a passion for patient-centric technology in particular.  Having been an early adopter of deploying cloud technologies across a complex technical architecture for the past decade, Mr. Menefee is actively working with executives across the country on cloud computing transformation initiatives both with AWS and in his personal time.