CIO Symposium Contributor

Dr. Graham Rong, SF ‘06

Symposium Roles

CIO Award Judge 2013, 2015


Dr. Graham Rong is a Senior Industrial Liaison Officer in the MIT Corporate Relations Office. He is also the founder of IKA, LLC, a leader in analytics solutions. He has provided strategic advice to Fortune 1000 companies in corporate strategy, global development, innovation leadership, semantic web, financial and social analytics, enterprise information architecture, content management, social network media and CRM.

Graham has the unique talent for evangelizing and bringing new technologies to market in North America, Asia and Europe. Graham lectures at MIT, Harvard University and outside of the US. He has held senior roles with Vignette Corp., Harte-Hanks, and was on the faculty in JiangNan University. He also held an EU fellowship at the University of Edinburgh.

Graham has authored numerous articles on CIO leadership and IT innovation. He is a board member of the MIT Sloan Alumni Club of Boston and has been a key contributor in the leadership of the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium since 2007. Graham has been in the chair role of the Symposium since 2009.

Graham holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and PhD from the University of Guelph, Canada.