Executive Leadership Keynote Panel

Recent research conducted by MIT Sloan CIO Symposium panelist, George Westerman of MIT’s Center for Digital Business (CDB), and Cap Gemini Consulting, as published in the MITSloan Management Review, found that 78% of respondents felt achieving digital transformation will be critical to their organizations within the next two years. However, 63% said the pace of technology change in their organization is too slow. 

Executive Leaderhip Panel
Top to Bottom:

The most frequently cited obstacle to digital transformation was “lack of urgency.” Only 38% of respondents said that digital transformation was a permanent fixture on their CEO’s agenda. Where CEOs have shared their vision for digital transformation, 93% of employees felt that it is the right thing for the organization. But, a mere 36% of CEOs have shared such a vision.

Clearly the digital vision of the CEO and the Board is critical to Leading the Digital Enterprise Forward. So is the communication between the Executive leadership team and the CIO. This communication will be the focus of the Executive Leadership Keynote panel.

Executive Leadership Keynote: 
Working with the CEO and the Board

What do executive leaders expect of the CIOs and what do CIOs expect of their CEOs and Boards. What is the best way for the CEOs, Boards, and CIOs to communicate? What is the role of CEOs and Boards in leading the Digital Enterprise? How important is their vision? What’s the right pace of change? Who should be creating the digital roadmap, executive leadership or CIOs? Representative executive leaders, Board Members, CIOs and an MIT Sloan academic whose research is focused on “Engaging Boards and Executive Committees on Digitization” will address these and other issues.

Join Michael Hickins, Editor, CIO Journal of the Wall Street Journal, as he searches for best practices in created a shared digital vision with:

  • Mark Holst-Knudsen, President, ThomasNet
  • Stephen C. Neff, Enterprise Chief Technology Officer, Fidelity Investments
  • Narinder Singh, President, TopCoder and Board Member, Appirio
  • Peter Weill, Chairman, MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)