Panel Information

Panel Name:

Healthcare Innovations Through Information and Process Re-Design

Event Time:
12:30PM - 1:45PM

Shahid Shah, Netspective Communications LLC (@shahidnshah) - Moderator
Cynthia Nustad, Health Management Systems
Dr. Micky Tripathi, PhD '00, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative
Graham Hughes, MD, SAS Center for Health Analytics and Insights
John Halamka, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Panel Description:

The Accountable Care Act (ACA) is law of the land now and with it follows a significant amount of business and technology transformations, caused mainly by the shift from fee for service (FFS) to outcomes-drive care. Moving from FFS to outcomes driven care changes how healthcare providers, payers and patients must collaborate and it creates significant opportunities to help differentiate as well as improve services overall.

This is an exciting time for innovative healthcare CIOs to master the art of transforming their fragmented industry into a web of loosely coupled efficient services and reliable information ecosystem to support eligible providers, payers and patients. This must happen fast before shrinking transformational incentives turn into penalties.

In this panel, leading healthcare CIOs will discuss their innovative strategies for:

  • Information/process Interoperability design to improve Quality of care
  • Driving Patient Engagement
  • Analytics to improve clinical outcomes and Business Efficiency
  • Using social media in the Healthcare setting