CIO Symposium Contributor

Patrick Gilmore


Markley Group

Symposium Roles

Speaker/Panelist 2014


As Markley Group’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Patrick is responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of our their state-of-the-art technology foundation, while working to ensure that the company consistently remains a leading-edge technology provider. He draws upon his considerable industry experience to develop strategic plans for Markley in the technology field, including additional product and service offerings and the expansion to additional locations that help extend Markley’s reach and enhance business continuity for our customers. Prior to Markley, Patrick spent over thirteen years as Chief Network Architect at Akamai Technologies. At Akamai, Patrick’s group was responsible for managing peering and capacity for the world’s largest CDN – one that served approximately 30% of all traffic on the Internet.  Patrick graduated from UCLA with a degree in Mathematics and is currently on the Board of Directors for the Seattle Internet Exchange and the London Internet Exchange, two of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, as well as the PeeringDB, where he is Chairman.