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Richard Singerman, SB ‘87

Chief Innovation Officer


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Speaker/Panelist 2015

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Richard Singerman, PhD, is Chief Innovation Officer for TrustNetMD and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. A key continuity of care outcome of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) funded research of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and TrustNetMD will be a nonprofit, publicly available, Web2.0 mobile “Social Learning Environment” (SLE) for family care givers, social workers, community health workers, community health clinicians and public health officials.

Dr. Singerman was previously Associate Partner in IBM's Healthcare Analytics practice where he developed informatics and organizational learning strategies for academic medical centers and the US Military Health System. He served in the HHS Office of National Coordinator for Health IT and led Innovation Advancement for Ascension Health.

Dr. Singerman is the author of numerous articles and reports concerning health care trends, knowledge sharing, diagnostic imaging, and additional innovations necessary to elevating quality and performance. He earned a BS in Physics from MIT, an MS in Applied Mathematics from Cambridge University and a PhD in Physics from Cornell.