CIO Symposium Contributor


Stephen Ufford



Symposium Roles

Speaker/Panelist 2015


Stephen has founded several consumer data focused startups over the last decade while working in the role as CEO. As a serial entrepreneur, Stephen likes to challenge the status quo and if it’s broken, he likes to fix it. In 2011, the identity veteran started his most recent startup, Trulioo, a global identity verification company focused on building a framework of trust online, implementing best consumer privacy practices, and advancing financial inclusion. As the pioneer and leader in cyber identity verification, Trulioo is fixing the problem of broken identity that today affects so many online businesses and continues to stifle economic growth and Internet innovation.

Prior to Trulioo, Stephen’s first startup,, was one of the first companies to make consumer credit reports and scores available online. In 2004, he founded his second company, NDS, which became the marketing division of Canada’s first credit bureau. His third company, Pharos Global, was a consumer identity management and restoration firm that leveraged both national and international partnerships with large consumer credit bureaus to deliver world-class products and services.