Panel Information

Panel Name:

Transforming "Digital Silos" to "Digital Care Enterprise"

Event Time:
12:15PM - 1:30PM

Shahid Shah, Netspective Communications LLC (@shahidnshah) - Moderator
Darrel Harmer, Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Dr. Bruce A. Metz, PhD, Lahey Health
Kristin Darby, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Panel Description:

The Healthcare business is being disrupted by the collision of an unprecedented wave of innovations – the .med era.  The transformational government ‘carrot and stick’ approach to healthcare reform is forcing healthcare organizations to digitize medical records and implement limited healthcare exchanges among care providers without thinking holistically.  The outcome of such  "swiss-cheese’d"  digitization is resulting in the era of ‘Digital Silos’.

The presence of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Analytics, Social Media and increasing patient wellness awareness through mobile devices is revolutionizing  the patient centered connected care, where patient and digital healthcare interactions will be mostly conducted outside the four walls of traditional clinical setting and less within. This changes the established healthcare paradigm which brings a huge opportunity to healthcare CIOs to exploit such ‘digital world’ through emerging technologies and architect a ‘Digital Care Enterprise” for their organizations.  This will not be an easy transformation. This will require holistic thinking and innovative leadership to vision and architect a digital healthcare delivery enterprise.

In this panel, distinguished CIOs from leading healthcare organizations will discuss how they are planning for their Digital Care Enterprise:

  • What Digital Care Enterprise means and its value to your patients?
  • How are you transforming your traditional healthcare organization to a Digital Care Enterprise?
  • Challenges/Barriers in realizing your future Digital Care Enterprise