Panel Information

Panel Name:

Big Data, Analytics, and Insights

Event Location:
Kresge Auditorium
Event Time:
1:30PM - 2:30PM

Prof. Tom Davenport, MIT Center for Digital Business (@tdav) - Moderator
Barry Morris, NuoDB (@bsmorris)
Darrell Fernandes, Fidelity Investments
Don Taylor, Benefitfocus (@dontaylorsc)
Puneet Batra, LevelTrigger (@gpbatra)
Panel Description:

Many organizations are excited about the possibility of developing a competitive advantage from the use of advanced analytics on "big data". In this session a panel of experts who will address their concept of big data and what their organizations are attempting to accomplish with it. They will also discuss the role of the data scientist in extracting value from that big data using advanced analytics tools and techniques.  Examples will be presented from firms that are aggressively pursuing big data initiatives for predicting or optimizing future outcomes.  The panelists will describe how using big data sets for analytics and data management differs from previous approaches utilizing small data sets.  Finally, the panel will address key factors that big and small data analytics have in common.