CIO Symposium Contributor


Michael Krigsman



Symposium Roles

Speaker/Panelist 2013, 2014


Michael Krigsman is recognized internationally as an analyst, strategy advisor, enterprise advocate, and blogger.
For CIOs and IT leadership, he addresses issues such as innovation, business transformation, project-related business objectives and strategy, and vendor planning.
For enterprise software vendors and venture-funded startups, Michael offers advisory services on marketing, positioning, and influencer strategy.
As a columnist for ZDNet, Michael has written over 1,000 articles on enterprise software, cloud, CRM, ERP, collaboration, and alignment between IT and lines of business.  His work has been mentioned 1,000 times in major newspapers, television, radio, trade publications, presentations, academic dissertations, blogs and other media.  Michael has been referenced in about 40 books, published in the Wall Street Journal, and is syndicated on important technology websites.  He also hosts, CxOTalk, the top enterprise innovation website.
He has presented to groups such as Harvard, Babson College, Seton Hill University, University College London, Boston University, Suffolk University, SAP Sapphire, NetSuite SuiteWorld, MIT CIO Symposium, Educause, CRM Evolution, SXSW, Cloud CIO, Minn. HR Tech Expo, CIO Mobility Innovation Summit, Enterasys Partner Advisory Council, and others.