Panel Information

Panel Name:

Realizing the Transformational Potential of Social Business

Event Location:
Kresge Little Theater
Event Time:
1:45PM - 3:00PM

Michael Krigsman, Asuret (@mkrigsman) - Moderator
JP Rangaswami,
Kim Stevenson, Intel
Laura Bassett, Avaya
Vala Afshar, Enterasys Networks
Panel Description:

Although enterprises have only just begun to embrace social business, many leaders — especially in the media and technology industries — are enthusiastic about its value. Others are more cautious but recognize its potential a few years out.

The Enterprise of the Future will inevitably be Social, within and in the way it relates to its external value ecosystems. There is much evidence of enterprises using Social Technologies effectively to transform their business and relationships with their customers and partners. Social Technologies and the corresponding innovations in value-offerings, processes, business models, organizational models and capabilities will be integral and critical to business success.

When combined with the developments in other information technologies such as Cloud, Mobile, interfaces, ubiquitous sensors etc., the enterprise stands on the brink of transformational and innovative opportunities in the Digital Economy. Enterprises must think proactively and strategically to leverage these opportunities. The CIO is in the best position to lead the transformation of the enterprise architecture for the emerging future.

The Panel explores real-life examples and experiences from the field, to confirm the transformational potential of Social Business. Panelists will cover emerging opportunities and best practices in creating the Social Enterprise of the Future, and how CIOs can be instrumental in leading their enterprises realize the promise of Social Business.